Thursday, January 14, 2016


Got in a right tangle,
forgotten how to be critical without being a snob,
forgotten how to be critical without thinking I'm a snob,
now weighing up how I'm a snob for assuming
no-one else thinks they're a snob.

I'm thinking of good times,
and the superstructure
and bad times.
And I'm trying to think outside of both times,
without being the prig,
you can't put me on the spot.
I'm often imagining a holly leaf wedged in my collar
I can readjust in the bathroom.

It's just that there are so many options,
bang for the quid,
but ages and ages of research
don't seem to work in anyone's favour.
The critics can do their job,
and maybe it's not that passive,
to watch what they do
so I can function outside of the times.

I'm reigned in now,
to enjoy a bad time,
but the wrangling afterward.
I must be trained,
it's not resignation.
It's not.

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