Tuesday, January 26, 2016


What am I doing.
Amazed by the speed of sleep
my father says he's afflicted
only with nostalgia, while
everyone else's depression takes
a windier shape, while mine is
generational but not from him or
is just dietary or is not even real,
is maybe also just nostalgia.

Do you ever just mean to get
the classic meal? I want to be
getting classic meals and also
really be on it, be a good person,
fight for justice and clams casino,
iceberg salad and remembering to vote
in local elections, a radical marriage of

Do you want to be in a radical marriage of
in it as like an idea that's part of it not
like a half of it. Even to say halves is not
radical I guess it would be a radical marriage
of classic meals and civic responsibility and
ALSO of generational depression, and that's
the radical triangle; there's no radical line;
It's three points or you're dead just regular
a 31-year old woman with a modest salary
in a big city.