Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'm Always Letting People Down

I’m always letting people down
Wearing clothes unfashionable or antiquated
Sending cards not at all, or else belated
Mistakes far too many to be adumbrated
I try to keep up with projects, but mostly I drown
One skill I've mastered: letting people down

I’m always letting people down
Sending lame gifts to nephews and nieces
Breaking dishes (“pay attention!”) to thousands of pieces
Arriving late to weddings as dignity decreases
Still hung over from a night on the town
Trying to smile while letting people down

I’m always letting people down
Arriving late to jury duty
Getting distracted by physical beauty
Cranking out schlock as if I were Hootie
Facial muscles of course default to a frown
It’s exhausting letting people down

I’m always letting people down
Leaving scars in affairs romantic
Leaving late for the airport, and then getting frantic
Self-absorbed (obviously) to an extent gigantic
Heavy the head that wears the crown
Of the king of letting people down

I'm always letting people down
The verdict is clear: you must face it
As for your life, best just erase it
Life’s for the competent—you just debase it
When you're 90 and sitting in your dressing gown
You'll at least have your memories—of letting people down

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