Thursday, January 21, 2016

lava headed deciding

bury my warmth in reading, bury my wit
in nicety, hone in to a homing, a burying,
if to focus, why do I see vials of it, oh,
you say concentrate, how many vials
of focus in a day and will you tell me when
I have one in my hand, or I'll break it,
remedy my flightiness, hum my melodic
air of distraction, bury my ancient melody
in the yummy mob, the mob that churns
into a concentration, invert my lookabout,
eyeballs that waggle in their cozy nooks,  
their ruby, bury my rosy in my ruby, bury
my sophie in coffee, sam in my mongoose,
bury gus in my bunny, hymn the clink
the chug of daily eating, reeling, rustling
the mob a molten entitity, the mosh a wish

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