Tuesday, January 19, 2016

One-through-Eight: Boy Caught the Odd Curse

Two:Decrease your carbon footprint  The greasy orcs are bon vivants
Decrease your carbs, en fou de prawns

Three:Express yourself   Eh,sex dress, yo, Arse Elf
Shun expression

Four:Answer the fucking phone  Ants, Earth, A Fog, Sink Foam
And swerve

Five:Use your turn signal  You, sir, turnstile gal
You serve, Galahad, bon chance

Six:Button Up Your Overcoat   Butt One Abhor, O Fair Cope
Butcher block sad facade

Seven:Wash Behind Your Ears  What's bee-eyed Dee rehearse
Watch InkTown Dizzy

Eight:Vote early, Vote often  Foe Turkey, Float Off Hen
Votive Chicken, My Poor Burnt Friend

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