Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On Sharing a New York Times Cross Word Application Account With Someone (You Remind Yourself) You Love

oh, look! he's already been working on this morning's puzzle.
By the time you have sludged up the hill and swiped in 
At the train station and gone underground, to
Pull your cellular device out of your 
coat pocket to hunker down and get to work,
shoulders arched and back bent over the tiny
black and white squares on the smooth screen in your hand.

Well, grand. That's great, how wonderful he's taken a 
Shine to one of your favorite pastimes.
It's so fulfilling to share hobbies.
But wait, these words are wrong. 
He's put in three eRrOnEoUs answers for the North Western (upper left hand) corner 
And as you watch,  
Here come two more! 
Like a ghost has reached over your arm
To magically type 
Their best guess at 14-Across and 28-Down
While you look on, helpless.

So flee. 
You go back to the application's landing page
And scroll up, a couple weeks, heck go back to December
to find a fresh puzzle,
untouched, unopened, blank slate.
You breathe a sigh of relief 

Until, during your lunch break,
You open up back to your monochrome grid from Dec18th,
Smile a little smile to yourself.
THEN nearly DROP the PHONE
When you see.
He has found you.
He has written a cute "Heyyou"
"Iluvu" in 1 and 8 Across, respectively. 

So you scroll scroll and slide, 
Hide again, and go back to October.

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