Saturday, January 23, 2016

Away with Fairies

I don't normally zone out into nature,
nature's threat, nature's treat,
its sandbox thrill.
I worried myself awake,
it felt great.
I feel great terrified,
today's Xbox feels liminal,
I'm really in an air shaft,
I'm not really,
sometimes games are real;
air shaft simulator,
I was in one all day,
hiding at play.
I worried myself asleep,
the trees were bare,
I could see the sky,
boughs cracked,
like distant gunfire
from stereo somewhere and
over the battled phone.
Groans all around me,
the flakes, the sky,
creatures cracked stiff as shutters,
shelter evenly buried, so
all I hear is my gasping
as I realise I will
stumble amongst the threats,
as the day is long.

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