Saturday, January 23, 2016

Let's Talk Cookies

having come home to find the poor sunflowers gravely
bending back from the window
i decided i should stop reading about the poison water in Michigan
and start thinking more about flowers,
and maybe fields of magnetism,
or really small stuff like particles,
so small the giant theories are giant pandas,
pandas on that drug that makes them smarter,
and the particles are like pepper ants
the still not bright pandas are slupping up
with those sexyflab paws

having come home to find the printer has been installed over the oven
this has something to do with cord length and old wiring
and more to do with the shelf left by the microwave
and even moremore to do with domestic Puzzlemaker
like dishes set to dry on the dishrack that was already stacked with
freshly washed grapes and tomatoes imported from glasshouses,
grapes and tomatoes freed from any taint of water from Flint
freed from their glasshouses
now trapped under stemware, uncracked, from Ikea
Wait, I never got to the cookies.

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