Monday, January 25, 2016


you wanna hear the worst part? he said. and i didn't. 
then he said are you ready? 
and i wasn't but i said yes, i'm ready. 
then he said they said i can't eat sushi anymore. 
and in some way that is the worst part. 
that's where we sit. 
we talk about our road lives. 
about our music. 
we talk about my children. 
talk about his lack of them. 
talk about our spirit lives 
and promise each other to do better. to dream weirder. 
to cross some thresholds. 
we talk about our love lives. 
what there is of them. mine mostly. 
and we eat what the chef brings us. 
piece after piece. 
hot sake and beer. 
near the end of our conversation he said i should look 
for a new friend. 
and i said i would. put an ad on craigslist. now. 
tonight. so that i have a couple of weeks
to accept applications
before he starts chemo. 


accepting applications for a new best friend; 
this one's just no good anymore. 

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