Thursday, January 14, 2016


Six years ago I think
I hit upon a certain way of feeling
specific to Queens but possibly
extrapolated to parts of New Jersey
and maybe cities like Wilmington
or Albany but also with a European flair
and a Young Adult moralist edge and an 80's
art world feel (just barely) and this thing of
when you're all hanging out in the kitchen
of a place with no foyer just like
laughing and the light's not too bright.
Does anyone else know this feeling?
I think there's something wrong in it;
I'm fetishizing someone I shouldn't be,
I know this, it's wrong, how old
are the people in the kitchen? They get older
with me, interestingly I'm not there, everyone's
cool in a teenage way but they're forty now
then I'm walking alone under an underpass
it's cloudy, I'm making plans for later to
see a show, in the world with the kitchen
and no foyer it's summer and there's not
much to do in town but it's related to the world with the
show later although I think there it's Fall or
a warmish spell in late winter. I had this feeling
for the first time in months just now and I wanted to know
if I was in good company.


  1. I sort of know? or maybe not at all. Something about images of my upstate hippie parents at my age in bars and kitchens. my version of it feels ~wrong b/c it's like longing for something without it's specificity, like those people are in the kitchen but they never leave.

  2. almost housemates baking bread in the Troy, NY collective house I almost lived in, and the nighttime bus ride back to my parents' house after