Saturday, January 16, 2016

Political Poetry

"Trying to put food on your family." 
For some reason this absurd Bushism 
Popped into my head today
And I was reminded of how long we lived like that
Subjected to the inane babblings
Of the (unfortunately for us)
"Leader of the free world." 

Its kind of amazing 
Years of "heh heh"s and ersatz cowboy posturing 
The occasional hilarity 
Always overcome 
By the cringeworthy ridiculousness  
And the realization that 
He was (unfortunately for everyone)
our representative to the world. 

They weren't dangerous per se
These ridiculous utterances
"We will be greeted as liberators"
To name but one example of others
Infinitely more destructive 
So I shouldn't be too hard on him
And I know it's long in the past by now...

Just that it somehow occurred to me
And like certain yoooooooge pronouncements 
From today's political figures 
Those sayings do have a certain poetry to them
For better or for worse
They belong to us; we can't escape them 
They have become our poetry

The poetry of the damned. 

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  1. i'm not into politics, but this political poem stirred something up..esp the last five