Saturday, January 16, 2016

No Piece of Mind

he built us up.
daily, flattering and buttering and sucking.
saying: your hair, your eyes, your lips, your teeth!
they sparkle, shine, gleam, and sit pretty.

we took it all in and somehow always made room for more. 
overlogged sponges, but
feeling taller, standing straighter

sometimes as many as twelve compliments a day,

we got used to it.
how could you not

then winter solstice came.
in perfect synchronization with that longest, darkest day,
he changed.
as the minutes clicked by, he shrunk away. 
stopped watching, looking, smiling.
even ceased to speak. 

which meant the compliments didn't come.

the well dried up and with it 
all our pride and overhealthy self-esteems

we devolved, became 
animals and clawed 
at the ground then each other 
with our uncut nails. 

still he said 

so we conferred. late at night 
when he slept on the old futon 
shoved in the corner of that front room.

and decided. we had to leave.
to find another prophet
who would notice and flatter and butter

to get us back on track. 

1 comment:

  1. "overlogged sponges, but
    feeling taller, standing straighter" yes!

    wondering who the he is. good poem to chew on.