Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Computer Does What It Wants

My computer does what it wants
It toys with my emotions
and laughs at me.

Maybe I deserve this, I mean
After all
I did move some pictures from a folder (“My Pictures”)
into an app (“Photos”)
Inadvertently triggering some setting
Evidently called “Remind me of things I’d rather forget”
Big mistake, Pal!

So now I’m constantly looking up to find
That my laptop is displaying
Random collages of photos
The one with my friend
Putting lobster claws on his head
Like he’s a crustacean himself
During a trip to Portland, Maine
That one’s not so bad

But then there are the photos
From that work conference
From the job I’m trying to forget
And never even wanted in the first place
A symbol of how everything got off track
And never recovered

Luckily my laptop is there
To remind me of it
Whenever I stop typing for two minutes
Painful memories
Constantly repackaged in new collages
As if it’s doing something helpful
While silently torturing me
Like an infuriating “friend.”

1 comment:

  1. The strange space in time we occupy where our memories are split between damp boxes in cellars somewhere and stacks of faltering hard drives.