Sunday, January 3, 2016



Sindy was never on time
She told me once
That she did not know
How to be like the others

Marcy was like that too
But she also liked to be late
She would make an enterance
Everyone liked that

I am sitting at the far corner of a very large room
On a couch of faux black leather
I preferred fake leather
Otherwise I felt the animals death, or something like that

I was sitting away from most of the people
Who tended to hang out in the kitchen
Waiting for the hot hors d'ouvres
To come out of the oven

I had a glass of wine
Red, with a touch of saffron
Looking out the window
Cold, a bit of snow

We were all waiting
I could tell
For true love, or good conversation

Sindy and March stayed outside the door
They were smiling
They would make an enterance

The doors swung wide
There was a gasp
Dressed in the same dress
Red of course

Their hair intermingled
As were there bodies
Shimmering dresses
Folded into one

Their radience
Saffron nuances
A new year
Starting off just perfect.

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