Thursday, January 7, 2016

1400 degrees and rising


You hated make-up
on me.
Scarlet lips bred
False advertising at best.

So of course,
You were above all of it.
A proper viewing.
An air-brushed face
with Kardashian contouring.

(You could have done it better on Photoshop)

A slim three piece suit--don’t even get me started.
A non-crossed eye 
portrait photo under dim lights.
Collages like a bad science project display
made with my blurry eyes and shaky hands.
A bowl of butterscotch candies
to remind us that life can be sweet.

Grandpa Joe (the one with the shared hairline)
donated his body to SCIENCE
even though he was a man of GOD
for those few years.
The same one who swam across the Hudson
for a bottle of whiskey
and still enjoyed the curves of every waitress
in tight black pants as he rounded 90.


The eyelids were never sewn shut
your eyeballs shifty in its sockets.

1400 degrees
rising and rising
three hours later
thy will be done.

But I ask “Will it hurt?”

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