Sunday, January 10, 2016

Why I really need Life Insurance

For the tenth straight week
in a dimly lit room
Ray with gray hair
and gray eyes
asks me where I stand.

The tax benefits are amazing
and it’s a great way of diversifying.

But isn’t life insurance
for people who have kids?
Isn’t it callous for him to badger me
when he knows I’m very single
and very childless.
What one will do
for a pithy commission.

Or is he playing the long game?
Will he
charm me
with his gray hair
and gray eyes
hitch his wagon
to my dimly lit star
milkymoon me
die me
in a scuba diving “accident”
use the payout
for a real vacation  to Cancun
with a 20 year old coed?

(How my mind works these days).

The truth is:

I eat potato chips and
peanut butter cups
and potato chips
for lunch and dinner.
I sleep with men
who have nothing
to lose 
or gain
from me.

The truth is:

I pray for alien abduction.
I sometimes
forget to look both ways.
I howl at the moon
when people are looking.
I envy those in real pain.
I make hungry eyes with 
the crazy guy on the subway.
I get giddy when my plane
hits turbulence.

The truth is:

He’s just a good family man,
looking out for me
and my kin.

That’s where we stand.

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