Friday, January 1, 2016

Un Amor / Dos Corazones

(A Revised Dedication:
For anonymous you #330...

how I wish I could proclaim your name
and my love for you
like I did once...
a deluded shout from the rooftops

Today my eyes are wide open
and I decide that you do not deserve
to have a macho badge of  twisted honor
in my hurt 

Queens get to tell jokers to get lost... but you already are Babe, 
which is the most tragic part of all and if the emotional abuse 
of your stone silence did not break my heart, 
the thought of you being lost and unhappy does
que pena

So here is the poem as it was originally written, when I believed that you loved me 
before I learned all the jelly fish lies 
you lacked the courage to admit...

How beautiful and amazing that I loved like this...that I love like this...yes I loved and dreamed and I trusted, that I loved so deeply and completely... and will again...someone special who truly deserves it...
a mi misma y alguien quien lo merece)

Sing me a lullaby lover man
you are my sun
on winter nights
your breath moon dust
on moon waves

You whisper life to me
in the twilight

Baby, your songs keep me warm
all night long
nights I long for and remember
when you're far away from me

Your laughter in the morning
is the song I wanna hear
and your kisses are the kisses I wanna feel
fill me up / silky satin / your lips
                                                        the sweetest gift

Your hands on my bronze skin
hold me close in the sexiest embrace
                                                         like that

your breath on my face is earth beneath my feet,
ancient and known / anchor me      i know you like you know me
hold me

Your talk is poetry to my soul
to be heard, to listen, to be listened to, to understand
to be understood, to know, to be known
it makes me stronger
braver                                             thank you 
                                                       i love you
Your love
mixed with my love
in a cocktail of delight
in tropical moonlight breezes

Dos corazones                               unidos
un amor

Two hearts
one love

Yes, time passes

Love endures.

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