Monday, January 18, 2016

Three Day Weekend

Unremarkable weekend I'll never remember
but live the longer for it, maybe
thinking I've held out so long and finding I'm right on track,
the same track, at a loss for astrological excuses
but still where everyone else is just because
our cycles have synched up, everyone I know
is a female roommate in the life events sense.

My mother is fighting with a friend
from high school he still loves her
but he disapproves and this is revelatory
in that it's always been true and in being
true for 50 years is maybe the big lesson
unless something else proves true longer and this
stops being true you never know what the big
lesson will turn out to be. She remembered why
everyone hated her one semester and 40 years ago
she had forgotten. I am almost 31 which means
I don't know the big lesson, thank god I am
too young in poetry years, I hope to live
long enough to remember something about high school.

Matt is crawling around on the floor I can zoom
out and think we've both lost it, I can zoom in and be
totally unaware and I get zooming so fast I can't focus
on anything and that's how I get from Friday to Monday night
with nothing to show. Once upon a time I had a whole
other vocabulary for talking about disappointment but now
I'm just going to say it. I think we should all work less but I'm
afraid of how little difference it would make.

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