Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Decorative Pose

The cat decided to push two low loveseats to the table
first knocking the high-backed Shaker chairs over with some fast paw-bats
Cat's arched back made a Roman shape over the square wood table, seamed
to hold meaningful crumbs. Cat's tongue wadded over the surface,
pinky scrapes of donut flakes,
rasping underneath for gum
Cat jumped and slithered the place mats away
Cat flick-tailed the sugar bowl to the edge, oopsy
Now the square was cleared. Nothing to it.
Cat sat center, extended one front leg,
Thought of the Feeders, sitting low, their insenstive, de-whiskered faces,
 their sadly flat ears,
their skin so close to the surface it made any decent cat rub with pity...
Cat waved the leg, waved,
and forgave.