Thursday, January 7, 2016

Remedios for the Blues

(for Daughters of the Universe)

Frankincense and myrrh
In a can of Cafe Bustelo
Bless the ten directions
Burn sage
White mountain if you can get your hands on it
Squat down low to the ground
On your hard wood floor
Declare it Mother Earth

Stand in your power
Smoke out the ghosts
Burn away
All the negative energy
Mal de ojo
Pour agua florida between your palms
Like abuela, hear her voice in your mind
BaƱate nena
Quitate todo lo malo
Rub the back of your neck
and shake it out
waving your arms
over your head
and back towards a window
Always towards a window!

make sure your head is covered

Now get serious
light a cigar
Breathe in the sweet aroma and smoke
Circle your world
Claim your universe
Battle it out
Smudge the corners
of your casita
walking every inch of 
your dwelling, opening all the closets
let the skeletons fly out
clear out the clutter
let it all go Girl!

Open all the windows
And sweep
the old away
trom the inner core
out the front door, then

Mop the floor
con Santa Clara
Sprinkle rose water y violetas all around
Place white flowers in clear crystal bowls of water
Finally light a white novena candle
and breathe in the calm

And if you have no incense, frankincense, myrrh
white mountain sage
If you have no broom, or Santa Clara or a mop
agua florida, rose water or violetas
white flowers or crystals or clear water
or white novena candle to light
or calm to breathe in

Remember you are deeply loved
That you are loved
Dear sweet goddess

Daughter of the universe
Extend your arms and draw them in back to your own body
crossing your arms one over the other
Hug yourself
Love yourself mamita and remember
the only remedio you ever need is 

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