Monday, January 11, 2016

Preemptive poem posted past due

Lately I’ve noticed that in my shower 
There are two bottles of the exact same
Sea salt scrubby moisturizing bubble
Purifying Ocean Breeze soap. 

It must be that my two roommates bought the same type of body wash.

And now every time I’m showering,
I imagine a sitcom.
Where two characters have identical bottles of exfoliating soap.
And one notably paranoid character begins to suspect that the roommate
Is secretly using that character’s bottle instead of the roommate’s own.
So that character then begins to use her roommate’s bottle as payback.

While the other roommate (with good reason) begins to suspect the same thing.
And carries out the same act of recompense.
Until both of the bottles are completely empty

And the roommates go around quietly despising one another. 

How funny, I think. A comedy of errors. 

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