Friday, January 1, 2016

Patterns repeat

Cowboy, thank you
for the reminder.

And thank you, as well
for letting me break in
to the snuggle.

To grow gracefully more
articulate, more friendly,
more fascinating, to grow
stones that grow shoots
and backyards of figs,
grow on, cowboy, grow
the way you been growing.

I love these people, my friends
and relatives,
whether they store my boxes
or pile their boxes around me.
We have a lot to unpack.
We have a lot to give.
We have a lot to look at and say,
well, that was then, and thanks.
If a bug's on the floor, me personally,
I'm going to let it live unless
I know for sure it's the one
that won't leave. And also I agree
that wire chair with a foundation undone
can go, home to the street for the
next love, the one who knows
how to weld.

A pattern repeats.
And if it doesn't repeat?
Design. I'd say, will.

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