Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mermaids In My Dream

for Desiree and Teresa

swim together
fish tailed
free to be happy

Moon and all her oceans
sea of serenity
sea of tranquility
sea of crisis
all calm
east on the moon
west in the sky
east in the sky
west on the moon
and here on earth

There are no borders in my dream
no lock downs, nervous breakdowns
or shakedowns

Sisters can walk
foreign streets in the moonlight
in my dream
no need for fear in stardust
or a moonless night
late at night in maxi dresses
mini skirts, skin tight jeans
naked as the wind
in my dream

Sisters are free to be happy
wrapped in silly laughter
and safe in each other's arms

Fish tailed
can swim
in dreams
of their

in the echoes
of crashing waves
glittery music notes

You can hear
all kinds
of jazz improvisations
hip hop, R & B
and mambo
in my dream

In my dream

Moon and all her oceans
are yours
to explore
down to her very

I'd give it all to you
and more


and my own breath

if I could

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