Thursday, January 7, 2016

dreamt that the new equipment repairman
from the photo studio where i work
and i were in a supermarket in suburban
cleveland, trying to photograph
a brand new equipment cart with a 4x5 camera

he said he thought he had it and wandered away
i started to play with the thing
accidentally exposed his last plate
which was still in the camera
before i could reshoot the cart, the dream shifted

and i was with the rest of my family in the house
my aunt and uncle were moving into in suburban
cleveland.  spacious, with rooms ranging from
cozy to opulent, at least three stories
more byzantine than sprawling

i spent hours trying to find my way around the place
(still hoping to reshoot the cart)
while the others listened to stories about house shopping
and about the former owners, who had been plant
nursery billionaires (their big home decorating trick
was to keep in close proximity
plants that competed for the same polinators)

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