Tuesday, January 5, 2016

the devil's playground by :mvp-most valuable poet

I was walking to my new job opportunity that was a blessing from God 
i begin to notice what a difference five blocks make
on one end, the beauty of life is embrace through love and prosperity
on the other, life is full of hopeless broken down dreams like glass that shatters that cracks all over the concrete floor, and then expect a flower to blossom
don't get it all twisted because i know where i come from
my past doesn't dictate my future
but my past has transform me to be the man i am today
i was strolling along 3rd ave
all i kept seeing was the motel built by design to invite criminals to use their pawns of lowlifes to move in only one direction, whether it was forward, backwards, or sideways
then right across the street is the hospital
it's sensible to have one there because doctors lose track on how many victims they need to patch up 
due to countless shootings over reasons that one scratches their head saying "huh"
the sad part is that the hospital is so longated it takes up 3 blocks to fill up how many people doctors predict will die in the next 24 hours
as i arrive to the devil's playgorund
i make a left and i see desolation of the walking dead
where people are taking their own lives slowly, and surely
the needle is stuck in between their forearms, and veins 
people are getting a tan in the ghetto where stagnation
is the proclamation
that inspires people to remain stuck in the hood forever
being influence by souped up idiocy of music in the hip hop industry of this generation that glorifies violence stirred up by demons who continues to lie on behalf of satan
normative behavior consists of: three year old kids knowing curse words and don't know their abc's and 123's by the time they are five
being a drunk entices an alcoholic to drink away his pain
being a drug attic arouses a junkie to sniff up cocaine mix with baking soda
girls at the age of 13 wanting to dress like they're 31
these promiscuous girls flaunt themselves at dudes in using her goods
and when they don't get what they want from guys, they'll yell out rape, rape
HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE, he never raped her
but society is afraid of a man of color's sexuality so who you think they'll believe
gangs recruit more vulnerable weak souls in one hour than the military recruitment in one day
an old man that cleans inside the community center is required to wear a helmet when cleaning outside because he gets hit with rocks, small pebbles as if he was being stoned like hebrews of ancient time by those who live right upstairs, and around the projects like letters in the alphabet
there is a dire need for this community
I know that God  had put me here for a reason
i believe in God , God  is in control
God believes in me, i believe in myself
he is using me to bring hope to the youth
God is stirring me up with the God given talents in annointing me to aspire that there is more to life than what's in their immediate surroundings
and what's in your immediate circle is not always what it seems, FACTS!
this is why God put me here
to refreshen young minds to new experience where it doesn't require to shoot someone with either hand (doesn't take strength)
it's about building that brand
that will erupt like volcanic explosion, but not to stifle with violence
instead,i let the truth come out so that it injects life to lost souls
any fears i may have, God reminds me to have a sound mind
to infuse power to people in feeling worthy of something amazingly incredible
God put me here for a reason
it's my time to win over souls and make disciples
if Jesus can hang out with the prostitutes, and lowlifes to minister the powerful words of the gospel
so can I, FACTS!

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