Saturday, January 2, 2016

indifferent by:mvp-most valuable poet

a guy was laid out on a hot summer day located on 116th between pleasant and 1st avenue
unknown if he was knocked out, passed out, homeless
or even dead
he appeared to be alive
saw his stomach breathing up and down
what bothered me the most
is how people just walk by him and obliviously kept walking
looking at him as an opportunity to record
and promote it on instagram for mere entertainment
this is what the world has become
an amusement of cruel laughter that is not funny at all
there is no decency among humanity
where is the care for another human being?
normalization of being indiffferent to another soul is disturbingly profound
as i watch, more people just kept walking like this is everyday life
where countless bodies laid out is the way to live
and then you wonder why society depicts us as being animals
we live like animals, therefore, we get treated like animals
i had to call 911 and report the occurence of the incident
FYI- i'm not being a snitch
it's about speaking out about the level of inhumanity where nobody cares
i refuse to contribute to toxic atrocity
the fdny-emt came to provide basic necessity
they woke him up, he was able to get up on his own 
when they asked this guy to be placed on a stretcher, he refused and wandered aimlessly to somewhere that have no return
even though people said thank you
i had a hard time with the fact that we live in a world that the devil suffocates people with hatred that harmonizes not of joy
but orchestrate the sounds of indifferent tunes of outrage

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