Friday, January 1, 2016

fear not by: mvp-most valuable poet

fear is an unpleasant emotion
that strikes terror to your heart
causing you to panic
when you panic
you crack
the walls will crash down on you
fear not gives the salvation in asking God for forgiveness when one messes up
fear not is the power of God that rests inside of all of us 
when you do things backwards that is contrary to God's decrees
His covenant remains fruitfully truthful
yet as human beings, we follow the flesh
that is constantly changing, and contradicting thoughts only the way the devil works
satan wants to remind you the emotions of shame For all the wrongs you have done in your life
God asks you 
why are you down? get back up
you are down , but not out, GET UP!
supress the oppress of defeat through self control
God gave us power of him to be self-reliant
self-determination to rise above the hate
and fear not Inserts a sound mind through faith 
for there is joy the next morning
fear not
and there is salvation
God blesses all of us with God giving talents
its need to stir it up in order to cook up relentless meals that win souls
in a world that is full of lost souls
the world have nothing for me
for i follow the you lord jesus
the demonic people that engrave evil in their hearts may destroy my body
but never my soul
fear not is the reason my heart continues to keep beating
when there is fear
the sufferage of pain penetrates thoughts that confuse your true self
in infusing doubt that you're worthless
fear not
injects life to your soul
it reminds all of us that god is still with you because he loves you
God will give the courage to withstand any form of fearful beliefs that you won't overcome
fear is an emotion
cowardice is a decision
when there is fear , you run like a coward
fear not keeps ya head up, and hoists you from the bury
there was no fear that Jesus came back
He died for all of us, and three days later, he rose through the powerful words of the gospel
He didn't have fear
so why should we?


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